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Kuma Miko: Girl Meets Bear

Kuma Miko: Girl Meets Bear


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Machi Amayadori

A 14-year-old Miko from a mountain shrine in a remote village who lives with Natsu Kumai, a talking bear. Machi wants to move to the big city for high school because she's finding life in the rural area boring, but she never left the village in her entire life nor have never made any human friend around her age.

Size M : CM

Female height 165 / Chest 86

Coat: Length 100/ Chest 132/ Sleeve length 30/ Cuff 26

Short Kimono: Chest 110/ Sleeve length 26/ Length 103

Hakama: Waist 45/ Length 93

Hairband: Circumference length 59


Machi Miko Costume including:

1. Hairband x1

2. White short Kimono x1 (Japanese shirt)

3. Red Hakama x1 (Japanese Trousers)

4. Coat x1

5. Necklace x1

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